Web App: BudgetByte

BudgetByte was a mobile-optimized website that helped you get full on fast food as cheaply as possible.

It was born from a 24-hour hackathon at Texas A&M University in October of 2014 with TeamAptitude and two other team members which were recruited at the event.

Being that we had trouble finding an API for calorie and price information during the allotted time, we chose five of our favorite restaurants and manually keyed in what data we could find online.

The most difficult part of this project was getting the food selection algorithm (specifically, a PHP implementation of the “0/1 knapsack problem”) working properly.

Since the hackathon we haven’t prioritized its development due to the non-existence of the price API that we would really need. We would probably need to develop a native mobile app for this to be successful.

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