Social Media: Richard Manley for Mayor

Richard Manley ran a political campaign for mayor of Longview, Texas, in 2015 after being a member of city council for 5 years.

Richard and his campaign manager brought TeamAptitude on board to handle his Facebook page (which has since been deactivated). Our goals were increasing page likes, content likes, and engagement, and providing the page with a better, more cohesive brand appearance.

We oversaw the page from April 11 to April 26, 2015 – just over two weeks.

What We Accomplished

  • Increased post engagement by over 60%
  • Increased page likes by more than 25% while his opponent’s page had plateaued
  • Created several visually-inviting graphics and photo collages
  • Created a brand voice centered around people in the community moreso than the candidate himself, which differentiated him from his opponent’s page
  • Communicated with commenters on his behalf (when possible) to improve the campaign’s responsiveness and outreach
  • Coordinated placement of campaign signs with volunteers based on requests received through multiple channels (comments, messages, in-person, etc.)
  • Handled most of the campaign’s photography needs

While Mr. Manley wasn’t able to win the race, we believe our efforts resulted in more support than he would have had otherwise. We also feel that the outcome might have been different had we been able to apply our insights to his campaign from the beginning.

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