Web App: BudgetByte

BudgetByte was a mobile-optimized website that helped you get full on fast food as cheaply as possible. It was born from a 24-hour hackathon at Texas A&M University in October of 2014 with TeamAptitude and two other team members which were recruited at the event. Being that we had trouble finding an API for calorie Read more about Web App: BudgetByte[…]

Web App: TxtGrnade

TxtGrnade was a website launched in July of 2011 by Magan Tyler and Paul Henry. It allowed you to “bomb” any U.S. cell phone number with a barrage of text messages containing a custom message. It was created over the course of a 36-hour-long coding marathon, and it received over 200 hits the night after Read more about Web App: TxtGrnade[…]

Social Network: SwiftSharing

SwiftSharing was a social network website that ran from January to September of 2011. It was founded by high-school students Magan Tyler, Alaxic Smith, and Paul Henry. By the end of its run, it had amassed over 8,200 active members and over 10,000 total registrations, and Magan had taken over the CEO duties. On May Read more about Social Network: SwiftSharing[…]